For more than 200 years, men of corrupt minds have been wresting with the scriptures to their own destruction under the names of "Biblical Criticism," "Biblical Scholarship," "Higher Criticism," "Bible translation," etc. These heretics, mockers, and infidels blasphemously apply the techniques of literary criticism to the word of God, which is the holy Bible (Authorized Version of 1611). They continually cast doubt on the holy scriptures whenever they can. They devote themselves to this practice. The devil has used them mightily to destroy souls across the face of the earth. These are the scorners who write the Bible commentaries, Bible dictionaries, study Bibles, Biblical archaeology magazines, etc. in the name of Biblical Scholarship. Anyone who has learned from them is infected--whether they know it or not. That includes the hireling preachers that make ignorant proclamations about "the original Greek". The hireling preachers look up words in a corrupted Greek lexicon, find, "the Greek," practice saying the word, and then present themselves as experts in Greek. Worse yet, they actually think that we do not have the Bible in the English language, they say that it is only found in "the originals" or "the original autographs" which NOBODY has. When they make their proclamations about the "original Greek" (which nobody has), they make their audiences think that the word of God is not found in the English language. This is an outright lie that comes straight from the devil himself. We do have the word of God. It is right in the Authorized Version of 1611. The name says it all, AUTHORIZED. For more information on the unauthorized Bibles, click here. [Aside: not everyone believes that all those "older and better" manuscripts--on which the modern versions are based--are authentic.]

Heathen publishers have been tampering with the Authorized King James Bible, making alterations to the text and adding all kinds of abominations (e.g., "study aids," commentaries, illustrations, cartoon pictures, geneaological record sheets, etc.) . Download, print out, and bind your own Authorized King James Bible (Pure Cambridge Edition) (has two columns like a traditional Bible. Free.)

The apostasy of these last days reaches into the most conservative of groups. For our sanctified homeschool, I consulted a conservative Mennonite textbook that showed that Israel did not cross the Red Sea when God brought them out of Egypt! This blasphemy is found in their "God Chooses a Family" Book 5, page 125, Code 97-3-02, Catalogue 17521, Copyright 1997. This Mennonite group (Rod & Staff) also sold me the Baker's Bible Atlas, a book that I had to throw away.

The blasphemers, called "Biblical Scholars," are the men who teach in the seminaries and write the college textbooks. These false teachers teach the "religious studies" classes in classrooms worldwide to multitudes of impressionable young people--tomorrow's rulers who will grow up to become twofold more the children of hell than themselves. These children of the devil even put themselves behind pulpits as so-called pastors. Fellow Christians and truth seekers, ignore these blasphemers, for they will pervert your mind with their hateful "scholarship." Years ago, I somehow received a free copy of a "Biblical" Archaeology magazine. It had to be discarded. With hatred it attacked the scriptures and seemed to grudingly report about new archaeological finds confirming the scripture record. The result of all these sustained Satanic attacks has been a general disbelief of the scriptures. We would all do well to take heed to II Timothy 2:15--

STUDY TO SHEW THYSELF APPROVED UNTO GOD, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

In these days of apostasy, it is basically every man for himself. Today is the day to get into the word for yourself.

***What is Biblical Scholarship?***

BIBLICAL, adj., of the Bible, pertaining to the Bible, contained in the Bible, or in accordance with the Bible.

SCHOLARSHIP, n., learning undertaken in order to discover or establish facts or principles.

BIBLICAL SCHOLARSHIP, n., learning based on the Authorized Bible in order to discover or establish the basic foundation of any worthy course of study AND the effort to interpret and integrate these principles into a cohesive body of knowledge by which a previously unlearned man can live in and understand the world around him.

***Surveying the American landscape through the eyes of a Biblical Scholarship.***

America is in trouble and has been in trouble for a long time. Her citizens, by-and-large, (especially church people) have been completely unaware of this as they've sat back idly watching television, filling their bellies with "convenience" foods, and amusing themselves.

“We'll know our disinformation program is complete when EVERYTHING the American public believes is false.”
Statement reportedly made by the late CIA Director William Casey at the first staff meeting (emphasis ours)

The time that we are now living in is a time of lies and universal deception. Americans and people all over the world are deceived because they have not received the love of the truth. And what is truth? Jesus told the Father, "THY WORD IS TRUTH." People have not loved the word and so when they were offered bread, circuses, and seemingly limitless credit, they took the bait (notwithstanding Proverbs 22:7). Meanwhile, people who love the word of God hearken to it and obey it and refuse the garbage that the world offers--like tv--that is why they are not deceived with the world. They can see what is happening, it is revealed to them. Our precious Lord Jesus Christ told his disciples, "TAKE HEED THAT NO MAN DECEIVE YOU" (Matthew 24:4). The ONLY way that a person cannot be deceived is if he believes and obeys the word of God, the Authorized Version of 1611 of the holy Bible (not the modern unauthorized versions of the Bible).

The Deception Series, written for Christians, surveys the American landscape through the lense of a true Biblical scholarship. The end of America has been a long time coming--many still cannot see it and think that all is well. Those that perceive that something is wrong think that things might get better and that they can maybe change things through the electoral (voting) process. There may be a few minor victories here and there, but things will not ultimately get better. They will worsen and will never return to the way that they were. This is a sad realization, but it is true. Freedom is fast becoming a thing of the past. What has happened to America? WHO DID IT AND WHY? Warnings about this calamity (which is actually worldwide in scope), have been sounded across centuries--yea millennia--and are still extant today. ONLY the Bible and the Holy Ghost can set the eyes in the right direction so that the extant data can be seen and understood and properly interpreted. The Bible makes it all plain and easy to understand. Only true Christians who love the word and live holily in accordance with the scriptures will be able to understand the scope and source of what is happening. There is only one source. That is how simple this is. This link is to an Overview of the Bible. The entries for Daniel and Revelation reveal the source of what is happening. The CIA director mentioned above, William Casey, received his undergraduate and graduate education through this source. None of the wicked shall understand (Daniel 12:10). They will remain blind. The Bible teaches that they are drunk with the wine of the source's fornication. She ostensibly belongs to God and has a form of godliness, but her doctrines show that she does not belong to him. She (Revelation 17 identifies her as a woman) commits whoredom against God in that she incorporates all sorts of blasphemies, heresies, and abominations into her practices. Those who do not receive the love of the truth will not receive this information because it is the truth. Ye must be born again while there is time.

All of the major themes of these end times can be found on one link, on one specific webpage. May no truth lover take that page for granted. Go to this link ( and print out that one specific page. The themes are there. One can just read that specific page. It links to articles that give further important information. The Bible has many prophecies. Now is the time to fill in the blanks.


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