The words of the Authorized King James Bible are not archaic.

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Those so-called "archaic" words found in the Authorized Version are not archaic; they can be found in every domain today--if you are looking.

When the NIV changes the warp and the woof of Leviticus 13:48 to "woven or knitted material" you can never figure out how material is made. You won't even stop to think about it--all you can do is go to the store and buy a woven or a knitted garment. With the warp and the woof of the King James Bible, on the other hand, you can talk to the weaver who may tell you that they now call it the warp and the weft (but it will always be the warp and the woof to you). This actually happened to me--and not just in the area of weaving, but across all kinds of disciplines. As a result of Biblical Scholarship, you and your children can talk to anybody and judge methods--whether they be good or corrupt.

Those ROBUST, PRECISE WORDS of the Authorized Version form a CRYSTAL CLEAR roadmap out of the wreckage of modern, machine life BACK to ancient understandings, ancient manhood, ancient womanhood, ancient childhood. We are NOT the same people as the ancients. We are weak-minded and dependent on somebody else for every morsel of food that we eat. May each true disciple turn off that filthy tv FOREVER, recover himself from the snare of the devil, and walk in the light of God's word.

The English of the Authorized King James Bible, published in 1611, is considered modern English--not "old English" or "ancient English," as some believe. The development of the English language has been divided into three distinct periods (dates approximate)--

  • Old English/Anglo-Saxon (450-1100 A.D)
  • Middle English (1100-1500 A.D)
  • Modern English (1500 A.D-present day).

As modern English, the Authorized King James Bible can be understood by both children and adults. According to, a two-year old requested the reading of the King James Bible over the reading of a Bible "story book" and at three years of age began reading the Authorised Version. At nine years old, the child's favorite book of the Bible was Leviticus.

The Authorized King James Bible can be understood by English-speaking people.

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